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  • Obie

    Working on Slant Quotes Issue

    Posted by Obie in The Rails Way on Jan 3rd | 0 comments | 0 attachments

    Despite my careful work on the manuscript to try and make sure it wouldn't happen, the printer screwed up the single and double quotation-marks in code samples by making them slanted (Microsoft Word-style). Needless to say this has aggravated me highly and I'm working on getting it fixed ASAP. The latest is that the team will try and get it fixed globally in the next printing, which will happen before the end of January. Let's hope it doesn't have to wait until the next edition. My deepest apologies to early buyers who have the slanted quotes.

    Thursday Jan 03

  • Obie

    The Rails Way is a Finalist for 2007 JOLT Award

    Posted by Obie in The Rails Way on Dec 19th | 0 comments | 0 attachments

    JOLT Awards "recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products. Jolt-award winners are the software products, books and websites that developers should be using today."

    Winners will be announced at a gala March 5, 2008 at SD West in Santa Clara, California.

    Wednesday Dec 19

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